Green Building

LBC: The Living Building Challenge

Information regarding the LBC, which is the highest standard of sustainable building to date. Essentially, buildings that meet this challenge will perform as cleanly as any other living organism.

Seattle Green Building Website

This is a great resource for anyone in the Seattle area interested in local sustainability including everything from city projects and policy to incentives, permitting, educational materials, and resources for sustainable construction. Be sure to check out their Green Home Guides if you are greening your residence.

US Green Building Council

A wealth of information regarding green building (the LEED program), education, and other resources.


Sustainable Products

Cradle to Cradle Product Innovations Institute

Similar to the LEED rating system, C2C evaluates products based on a specific set of criteria and assigns them a level of certification based on sustainability. Their searchable database includes everything from building materials to fashion to health & beauty products and more.

Declare Product Databas

Database of products that manufacturers have provided listings of ingredients, source and manufacturing locations for. Also includes the Red List status of each product for quick reference. A great resource for anyone working on a Living Building Challenge project.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

Providing safety analysis since 1894, UL provides multiple product certification based on environmental impact, indoor air quality, etc. Their Sustainable Product Guide includes many searchable categories, including sorting by LEED credit category.


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