SPACE PLACE STYLE is a an eclectic collection of design writings, inspiration and musings on life, fueled by passion, creativity, and curiosity for the world around us.

KathrynBKathryn Benson is a Seattle-based designer/traveler/foodie and the creator of SPACE PLACE STYLE. With a background in the arts and a penchant for travel, she derives inspiration from the colors and textures of the food, fashion, interior spaces, cities and landscapes of our global community. Kathryn has a deep passion for both the built and natural environments and seeks to find balance between them in her daily life and work.

When she is not busy designing (or writing about design) you can find Kathryn in the kitchen, exploring Washington wineries and restaurants, in the yoga studio, taking a road trip or out on a trail.

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I would love to hear your thoughts, questions or feedback. Dialogue about design is great and collaboration is even better so don’t hesitate to reach out.